Book Review: There's a Customer Born Every Minute

by Doug Farrick

Just Released! -- P.T. Barnum's Little Known Publicity Secrets Revealed (and how you can apply them today for fame, fortune and a design business of your dreams)

Today we will be looking at Joe Vitale's There's a Customer Born Every Minute with a subtitle of P.T. Barnum's Amazing 10 "Rings of Power" For Creating Fame, Fortune, And A Business Empire Today - Guaranteed!

What I like about Joe Vitale is he is a relentless pursuer of marketing and business success strategies. He also has a very metaphysical and spirtual side and an understanding of "big picture" stuff. Additionally, he is genuine and tells it like it is ( I can say this from having met Mr. Vitale personally)

The book is inspired by legendary marketeer extrodinaire, entrepreneaur, businessman, showman and all around huckster P.T. Barnum. I love the way you learn about P.T. Barnum, his victories and defeats and all his brilliant and wacky stunts.

Out of Barnum's rich and varied life Joe Vitale has put together Barnum's amazing "Ten Rings of Power." The principles are absolutely applicable today and include: He believed there was a customer born every minute, he believed in persistantly advertising, he believed in helping people get results, he believed all was well, he believed in the power of the written word. Let's look at a few in a bit more detail below.

One ring is Advertising. Barnum repeatedly stressed that persistant advertising was one of his great secrets. Some ideas in this chapter include: Create bold, riviting and relevant headlines, write simply, directly and conversationally, plug "electricity" your writing, tell them something they don't know, be specific, overwhelm with testimonials, use dramatic illustrations and more. Barnum would later say, "A little advertising is a dangerous thing." Make it a point to set up an advertising program that works for you and implement it like clockwork.

Another is All is Well. At one point in Barnum's life his mansion burnt down to the ground, his museum burned, he lost his wife and two daughters, he would go bankrupt. Yet he always had a deep faith that all would be well. Barnum had an optimistic view of life and believed in a benevolent. This belief gave Barnum an inner fortitude that allowed him to weather any storm that came along.

There are also wonderfully "vineggettes" involving Barnum and his circle. Joe Vitale does an incredible job of combining the the marketing principles of Barnum's day to current times. Not only will you learn plenty of practical marketing strategies from this book but you will get a facinating glimpse into a very different time in US history.

Also in the book is a "mock" interview with Joe Vitale and P.T. Barnum himself! (strange but true) and a bonus 30 + page original speech called, "the Art of Money Getting" which comes from the 1869 edition of Barnum's autobiography, Struggles and Triumphs.


Obviously today and when Barnum lived (late 19th/early 20th century) are vastly different times. But the one "big idea" I came away from is: you NEED to get ATTENTION in today's competitive marketplace. This is often THE difference. So be different, be audacious, take a few risks, hold an event, have a contest but do SOMETHING to stand out.

Finally, publicity is about creating a connection with your clients and potential clients. So have some fun with your marketing and publicity. In the end it's all about good feelings and delight in you, your company and your products and services.

Book: Joe Vitale's There's a Customer Born Every Minute