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Creative Review IQ: Are You Part of the Mensa Set?

Posted: February 13th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Software | No Comments »

ConceptShare is a web-based application that allows creative teams to share, communicate and collaborate on their creative work. They are being used by thousands of users around the world. Agency is one of their four core markets that they build their product roadmap around. They have everyone from freelancers to boutique firms to global agencies that use ConceptShare.

Over the past 18 months they have worked with hundreds of agencies and seen a significant transformation in how agencies are managing their creative review processes. Specifically how they share assets and how they capture stakeholder feedback.

What ConceptShare observed at these agencies is that these new creative processes, sometimes supported by tools like ConceptShare, produced real bottom line benefits; including:

  • Fewer mistakes and revisions
  • Reduced risk to project timelines
  • Reduced risk to missed expectations
  • Productivity gains through communication and collaboration
  • Increased margins and creative capacity

ConceptShare observed that these agencies were changing their creative review processes around 5 key process areas. They coined the term Creative Review IQ and recently published a white paper on this topic.

As agencies of all sizes increasingly focus on how they operate the creative review process is certainly an area that deserves attention.  Making it easy to share project work and capture feedback is something that is critical to making sure that projects get shipped on time and on spec.

You can download the Creative Review IQ white paper here. Check it out and find out how you stack up.

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