Bookkeeping - The Life Force of a Business!

Bookkeeping is the life force of a business. Without proper accounting records and information about employees, jobs and taxes, a company can get into real trouble. Always keep strong records and keep up with your daily spending and income.

Use an accounting application to keep track of jobs and client information. If you run a small shop with 5 to 20 people, you might consider using Quickbooks Pro or Quicken. Quickbooks allows multiple users to access job records and account information. Also, Quickbooks for the Web is a great option that allows up to 20 users to access your data from anywhere in the world.

There are several accounting applications available. Use your judgment and see which application fits your needs. There is a new program for the Mac called "MYOB's Accounting Edge". This is an accounting software designed specifically for the Macs and has generated great reviews.

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