Real Testimonials by Real Graphic Designers

I really like the new look, much cleaner. I also really appreciate the updated pricing guides. You are still my foremost resource for the professional side of my work. Thank you for a great product. - JD

Your forms and pricing guides are fantastic. I find the industry to be quite guarded about what prices they are charging and this can be the greatest hurdle when starting a business or freelancing. Your guides almost guarantee that you are not going to undersell yourself or the industry. Thank you. - Michelle

I found many things to help me as a freelance graphic design / illustrator. I printed off nearly all the forms for business and I use the pricing guides at least twice a week. CreativePublic has really helped me understand copyright & bookkeeping for my one-man design studio. - Jeremy P.

I am in the process of starting my own graphic design business with a partner. Recently we have been doing market surveys for prices and rate. Also we have been trying to compile and design all of the forms we needed. Somehow I stumbled upon your site, and thought I had entered heaven. The amount of information and resources that you provide is incredible. With extreme gratitude, I truly thank you. I am forever indebted to you. - Jim B.

I first thought that I could find good forms and contracts for free someplace else on the Internet. Well, I was wrong, I searched for days and realized I was just wasting time. I was in the process of hiring my first sales representative and I needed to get an offer letter quickly. After looking at the sample forms, I decided to join. To my surprise, there was everything I needed as a business owner - everything but the investment money. There were employee manuals, contracts, time sheets and even expense reports. Everything looked so professional and fit my needs. - Lauren M.

As a graphic designer / cartoonist, I really needed to find a contract that could protect my artwork as well as find copyright agreements. I have been looking around the Internet for a long time and finally on my last day of trying, I stumbled across CreativePublic. The first free sample I clicked on was the best contract I had seen — I decided to join after that. CreativePublic has really helped me with copyright agreements and overall business. I recommend this site to any designer. - Cal S.

WOW - Thanks for your response! It really seems nice to have someone to ask a question too for web design and development! Just your response alone was worth my membership! Keep up the good work! - Ray S.

Interactive Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a proud sponsor of CreativePublic. When I first began IMS in May, 2002 we had the skills and knowledge to create cutting edge designs but we lacked the business and operational experience to create a well organized company structure. That's when we found CreativePublic. Without CreativePublic on our side I don't know how we would have made it this far. Many thanks to CreativePublic and their team for producing what we feel is one of the most educational, well organized, top-level of experienced professionals, outstanding and sought after websites for starting design companies and freelance artists today. CreativePublic...we owe our livelihood to you. Thank you! - David A. / Interactive Marketing Solutions

A couple of years ago I found and I read through the site to find a lot of information that I absolutely ate up. However, starting a business was a little too much for me at the time. But when my full time job got the best of me and I knew that it was time to try and make it on my own I went back to

All of the articles are great and motivated me to get stuff done and keep working. The info that I found eased my worries and made starting my business less scary and more exhilarating. There was no need to ever buy the Pricing & Ethical Guidelines book.. It's all here! It's a great source for all graphic designers, as well as Web designers, illustrators & photographers. When building my website, I found a lot of information here on Search Engine Optimization and placement. All useful stuff. I use the contracts and price guides everyday and refer to them for every job. - Neil P. / NMP Design

I just have to say thank you for creating such a valuable resource known as I came across it a couple months ago when looking for sample contracts and the lifetime membership was a no-brainer. I've used your samples and articles countless times which have saved me time for what I do best, designing. And after today's experience, the fact that you took the time to respond so quickly to a personal matter of someone you've never even met, well that goes a long way in my book. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Cheers! - Sean H.

I have just stumbled onto your website and I have to say it is GREAT!!!!!!!! I am in the process of getting my design business started and have been looking for a little bit of inside information on running a design company and your site hit it right on the button. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to assemble something like this for beginners and advance graphic designers. - Juan M.

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