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FREE Pricing Guides

A secret recipe for a successful freelance business is pricing your service and products correctly, this can enhance your sales and create the foundation for your business to prosper. Our resources can help you price your design services and to better understand the market rates to keep your business running successfully.

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FREE Forms & Contracts

Save time and effort using our forms and contract templates. We have several types of business templates that come in handy for your everyday design business. We offer professionally created forms and contracts that fit your freelance needs, from estimates to invoicing, terms and conditions, copyright agreements to art approval forms and more.

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FREE Web Design Forms

Web design forms are an important part of the website design process and are great resources for freelancers to provide progress reports and share information with vendors and clients. Our forms are easy to use and customizable as per your needs and requirement. With CreativePublic you can get access to web design forms and other resources that include website terms, website development, website project pricing, hosting agreements, contract and more.

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FREE Accounting & Reporting

Accounting is essential in order to keep your business finances healthy and afloat. Our accounting and reporting resources help you keep track of your income, expenses, IRS payments, client billing and more.

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FREE Bonus Content - Dynamic Sound Collection

When you join CreativePublic, you get 100 FREE music loops, soundscapes and sound effects. This offer is available exclusively to CreativePublic member and is valued at over $125. Only available for the All Access plan

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Accounting, Time Tracking, Estimates and Reporting

Questions and Answers Archive

Company Policy, Procedures and Human Resources

Design Firm Case Studies

Contracts, Terms and Conditions and Business Forms

Graphic Designer Interviews

Graphic Design Marketing and Business

Forms, Contracts & Pricing Guides for Musicians

Advanced Graphic Design Pricing Guides

Print Vendor Forms, Printer Contracts and More

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Graphic Design Business Training Videos

Web Design Forms, Hosting Forms and Contracts

Interviews with Designer

When you join CreativePublic, you get access to hours of audio interviews with top creative professionals in graphic design, logo design and color experts.

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Training Videos

Your membership gives you access to design business training videos to help you get more familiar with starting a design business, freelancing, and pricing your projects.

You will learn about graphic design business and the skills of setting up your own design studio and about the everyday job processes. We have everything that a freelance designer requires to run their own studio in a professional, business-oriented manner. Our members area products provide you with the necessary information and tools to help setup your graphic design and web design business.

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