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When using the pricing guides, do the prices reflect meetings and consultations with clients?

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The design prices are for design only. For the most part, it is industry standard to have one free consultation with the client and time to go over the initial design after completion. If you have changes or more meetings, then you need to extend the hours per job (charge per 1/4 hour). Basically, the 3 hours it takes to design a letterhead is just for design. Additional charges will need to be applied if the client request changes. My suggestion, is if they have minor changes, then do it for free, but don’t let it get out of hand. The reason the extra charges are not in place on these pricing guides, is that every client is different and that it is virtually impossible to judge what will be changed. Some may need more while others less. Since most design work is custom, this will always be an issue for designers.

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Pricing Guide for Pain in the Ass Clients…

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I love this pricing guide. Great for pain in the ass clients.

pricing guide for pain in the ass clients

What is UI vs. UX Design? A Practical Example in Under 6 Minutes

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Are there any valid points to discourage a potential client from wanting to use Web site templates?

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Templates are a quick fix for a cheap client. However, in most cases, cheap clients are the most trouble and will cost you more time and money than you care to deal with. Many times the client will want you to customize the template more to fit their needs. I tell them that if they go the template route, that there might be additional design fees. I also explain that there is still HTML and back-end production and programming work that must take place, and depending on the template design, this could cause problems if the template was not designed properly to fit into HTML, thus costing them more money. Most important, I explain to the client that someone else, more than likely, has this same design for their site and that it would, in the long run, be better to make a custom designed site. I do think templates have their place in the design world, but I am a custom designer and my clients want custom art. Every client is different, but it all depends on money and ultimately what the client is wanting to achieve with their Web site.

Do you recommend breaking down your estimate to include the number of hours spent on certain tasks as well as breaking down each item?

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It’s fine to breakdown your estimates, but to much breakdown will cause the client to pick apart the estimate and try to cut time and pricing. However, it is a good idea to place the amount of time and then state if the client goes over a certain amount of time that they will be billed for additional hours at your rate. My suggestion is to give the client a base price and then list the total time for the project. Then state the time overage costs to the client. Clients can be overwhelmed and not understand what you are breaking down in your estimate, they just want you to get the project done for a good price. Remember, the more simple the better.

Typography Tutorial – 10 rules to help you rule type

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Do you recommend getting a lot of self-promotion items printed up for marketing our company?

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Be very careful on what you have printed, you can spend too much of your hard earned cash on stuff that just looks cool and is not effective in bringing in money. My suggestion is start of with a really sharp looking business card and get your Web site online. These two items will be your number one shot for bringing in business. The next thing would be to work on low cost letterhead and envelopes so you can send out for proposals and sales information. Once your company starts to bring in money, then look at cooler ways to do your self-promotion and attract the bigger fish. Spend more money on mass mailing and cover more area with your dollar.

I have tried to do cold-calling to business around my area. Many of them have a no solicitation sign on their door. How do I approach these businesses if I can’t walk in and visit with them?

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There area a couple of ways around this, one is to call and set an appointment. Chances are that you may still be turned away if they are not interested in speaking with anyone regarding a sales pitch. My suggestion is if this does not work, do direct mail. Make a nice letter on your company letterhead with samples of your work inside and send it to them. After about a week, call them and say that you are following up on a letter you sent them the week before. Many times, this will get you in the door, because they are more familiar with who you are; that is if they read your letter.

Should I have a contract with a printer?

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Having a contract with a printer is kind of strange. What I mean by this is you are purchasing their services, so you should be under their terms. Usually, your spec sheet or work order is sufficient for an agreement on what you ordered. If the printer does not do what was requested on your work order, then you have proof to take them to court if necessary.

27 Best Movies & Documentaries for Creatives

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