Graphic Design Networking Questions You NEED to Know (and use)

by Doug Farrick

By ingraining Bob Burg's 10 Feel Good questions into memory (and then using them) you will explode your networking skills in record time!

Bob Burg, in his terrific book, Endless Referrals, suggests you use his 10 Feel Good Questions.

These are wonderful questions to ingrain in memory and to be used in your graphic design networking activities.

They are not meant to be probing, to interrogate or be sales-driven in any way but are designed to be friendly and fun to answer.

Keep in mind, when networking, let the other person speak 99% of the time. It is not that easy to do (and takes discipline) but will pay off handsomely down the line.

Here they are:

1. How did you get your start in the widget business?

2. What do you enjoy most about your profession?

3. What separates you and your company from the competition?

4. What advice would you give to someone just starting in the widget business?

5. What 1 thing would you do in your business if you knew you could not fail?

6. What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession through the years?

7. What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business?

8. Describe the strangest or funniest incident you've experienced in your business.

9. What ways have you found to be most effective in promoting your business?

10. What 1 sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?

And get Bob's book as he goes into more details about the questions above:

Endless Referrals, Third Edition