How to Search for a Great Job!

by Jason Vaughn

Searching for a job, whether freelancing or looking for full time employment, can be stressful. There are several different search tools on the Web for landing freelance work or a full time job. The newspaper is a good idea but is not always the best way. I've had little luck finding work in newspapers and have directed most of my searching to the Web. After registering with some of the online job searching companies, I had over 10 possible jobs lined up for interviews that week. This is a great way for employers to quickly get your resume and not muddle through several faxes.

A good idea for landing a freelance gig or a job is to work with a temp agency. There are several temp agencies that strictly do job searching for graphic designers. The only downside is that the person hiring you has to pay a fee to the temp agency. This fee could be from 20% to 50% of the wage you are hired at. For example, you are hired at $20 an hour by the temp agency, but the temp agency makes $40 an hour from the client who you will be working for. Not fair you say? Well, they have to make their money too. Just make sure you realize what you are getting into.

Listed to the left are several companies that offer full, part-time, and freelance work. Some of the sites listed will allow you to bid for freelance jobs.

Good luck in your search!