This is my good friend Art

by Jeremy Pass

Art is a creative activity that communicates a message visually through painting, drawing, sculpting, illustrating, designing packages, photography, writing, and other mediums. Art is all of these things and I love him.

Art is more than simply a career or hobby, he is a bigger part of me than just a source of income. Art was there in all the nooks in my life just like a sibling or a best friend. He was waiting on me at my birth. We grew up together, went to school together, and have always been the closest of friends.

Sure Art and I have had our times of disagreement, but as in every relationship, we worked them out. Our relationship continually grows.

Everybody has met Art before, some find other friends, some can't figure him out, some are frustrated by him, and others click with him right away. My good friend Art will listen to me when no one else can or will.

I once did not even care much for anybody but Art, but along the way he has introduced me to a lot of people and continues to do so. He gives me identity and purpose. You and I probably wouldn't have met had it not been for my good friend Art.

I thank God for giving me a friend like Art, I don't know who I'd be without him. I thank my parents for encouraging our friendship. I also thank my wife for her patience when I am up late with Art. My hope is that my love for Art shines through in my work.

© Copyright - Jeremy Pass

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