Putting Objectives In Check

by Rachel Goldstein

In order to assure your chances for the greatest success, you should do some self-evaluation before you leap into freelancing. Not only does it take a special temperament to run a successful business, but it also takes talent and expertise in your field. This includes some or all of the following personality features: self-confidence, common sense, innovation, and ambition. Also, Even though for the most part a freelancer works alone, you will need to deal well with others and be a good team player. You will also have to deal with time and money pressures on a daily basis. And you will need to learn how to multi-task because you are the sole employee of your company.

This article will help you pinpoint what your strengths and weaknesses are to see whether or not freelancing is for you.

It is important that when you evaluate yourself that you are honest with yourself. If you are lazy, lack creativity, have no self-confidence, and to top it all off you hate to learn new things then maybe you should rethink starting a home business. If you lie on the following self-evaluation test and say that you are self-confident and communicate when in reality you freeze in the face of clients, you will only hurt yourself, so be honest.

a hard worker  
a self-starter  
interested in learning  
a common-sense thinker  
a good communicator
good at handling stress
a problem solver
a decision maker
a risk taker
a goal setter
a planner
good at handling loneliness
diligent (not a procrastinator)
good at time management
confident of abilities
# of Yes Answers


Count all of the Yes answers:
8 and under - Rethink Freelancing
9 and Up - Freelancing is Up Your Alley


So you have taken the self-evaluation test. How did you do? Don't let this "test" dictate how you are going to run your life. If your passion to succeed is strong enough you will learn to compensate for your weaknesses with your strengths. For ex. If you are lazy, overcome your laziness with drive and ambition. If you remember that you can overcome almost any situation with ambition and perseverance you can and will succeed!