Printing Checklist

by recommends that you follow this checklist before sending your files for printing. Following this checklist will ensure that your files arrive to the printer in the best available format, maximizing the output quality.

• If you are printing in full color - Make sure your files are in CMYK format only. Do not use RGB or any other color systems as they don't give an accurate representation of what will print.

• If you are using Spot Colors - Make sure to specify all Spot Colors. Choose colors from Pantone matching system. Files must be setup with appropriate colors in order to separate correctly.

• Fonts - Make sure all fonts are either embedded or sent with the file

• Trim Area - All borders, text and important images are 1/4" away from edge of trim size.

• Resolution - Make sure all images are 300dpi or 350dpi in order to produce the highest quality result. Although 72dpi may look acceptable on your monitor, it will result in poor image quality on printed products.

• Bleeds - If you want any of your printed pieces to print to the edge of the paper (BLEED), make sure you provide a 1/8" of extra image all around.

• Lines (Rule) - Keep lines (rules) more than .5 (1/2pt). If they are less than .5, they might not print.

• Rich Black - (C-65 M-53 Y- 51 K-100) should be applied to large areas of black. Applying this code will ensure a consistent dense color when printed. Please be aware of the percentages of colors in that black color area. On your monitor blacks will look the same, but when printed it will show dramatically. Keep type only 100% Black (C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100) especially font sizes under 28pt. for legibility.

• Spell Check - Make sure you use spell check and grammar check throughout your piece before submitting the final copy. While most printing companies have their prep department review every file, they cannot guarantee all errors will be caught.

• Finally, stuff or zip your file and send it!


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