If You Read Nothing Else - Read This

by Doug Farrick

Ask yourself these 3 powerful questions consistently and you can expect a life of adventure, prosperity and happiness.

A survey was recently conducted of a number of 80+ year old men and women who were asked the question:

"What would you do differently in your life if you had to do it over again"

Here was a summation of the most given answers.

1. "I Would Take More Risks"

This is interesting as a lot of people focus on what they did NOT do rather than what they DID do. So really think about where you are taking risks today (if any) - Is there something that you really want to do or experience? Well, the time is NOW not when you are 80.

Start taking some baby steps in the direction you want to go. A good rule of thumb - just do 1 activity (be it a letter, phone call, a fax, a chapter, etc) per day that will move you closer to your goals.

Make it a pact with yourself that you will do this one thing whether you are tired, upset, have plans, whatever. Just remember - "Motion not Meditation"

2. "I Would Reflect More"

Many thought they just did not take the time to reflect and really think about where they were going. They were just in re-act mode all the time. They felt they did not take the time to ask themselves questions like:

  • Is this the life I want? Am I happy with the life I created?
  • Who is most important to me and how can I show them I care?
  • What is most important to me?
  • Is fear preventing me from doing the things I most want to do?
  • Where can I take a big (but calculated) risk in my life now?

In today's "BUSY-ness" culture take some time - plan it if you have to - and really sit and reflect about your current state of affairs and where you are going. Don't just be re-active but let your direction come from that still, quiet place within you.

3. "I Would Think More About What I am Leaving Behind"

In the end many people ask, "what have I left behind?" not as far as material things but: Did you leave the world a better place. Were you kind to people? Did you contribute to your fellow man and those in need?

These are questions only YOU can answer but it might be wise to do this earlier rather than later for sometimes later comes sooner than we think.