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6 digital marketing techniques to reduce consumer-switching

Posted: December 14th, 2020 | Author: | Filed under: Business | No Comments »

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There was a time when having a great product and pitching it to the right customers was enough for your company to grow. Unfortunately, that time is long gone. Now, the market is fiercely competitive, and you need two things to make sure that your company survives. The first is attracting new customers, and the second is retaining existing customers. Most people only think of new customers. They believe that they must keep getting their target audience’s attention to ensure that more people buy their products or avail their services. Undoubtedly, it is imperative to attract new customers. However, the other aspect, customer retention, is as important as new customers are, if not more.

Why put so much focus on retaining existing customers? Well, any company’s measure is not how successful they are in acquiring new customers. But how they ensure that their existing customers don’t switch to some other brands. It is also more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. Current customers spend more on a brand than new customers. They are also the ones who sing high praises of the brand and bring in the most referrals. Word of mouth is persuasive third-person marketing that builds or destroys a brand’s image. Therefore, your existing customers must receive the value they desire from your company.

Several factors ensure your existing customers keep coming back. You can provide them with a personalized experience or promotional offers. You can make your customer services better and be aware of what they are searching for online. The online market is multiplying, which is why keeping an eye on what the customer is searching for, that is, the keywords is imperative. It is a complex task, but with this keyword checker, you can tap into online customer behavior and offer great value.

Below are six effective digital marketing techniques to ensure that your customers don’t switch to another brand.

1.    Communicate and Engage

There are multiple modes to communicate with your customers. You can use email marketing for this purpose or messenger apps and social media platforms to talk to your customers. Nowadays, customers are getting smarter, and they get irritated when a brand keeps on throwing promotional messages at them. If you do that, you will soon find yourself unsubscribed, in the spam folder, or having an adverse word of mouth in the market. Use digital communication methods to keep your brand front and center in the customers’ minds. Ensure that you tell them about all the deals you are offering and that you are willing to elicit feedback and suggestions. Find out what they want. Conduct surveys, ask for their opinions, and act on them.

2.    Personalization

The method of drafting a single message addressing the entire audience is not a practical approach anymore. Now, everyone wants personalization and seek brands that provide services according to their preferences. Nobody wants to be part of the crowd anymore. It doesn’t matter how loyal they are to your brand. If you don’t provide them with personalized services, you will soon find them switching to another brand. Therefore, make sure that your digital marketing strategies include personalization tactics. Create content that is curated for your customers, offer rewards based on their loyalty, and offer opportunities. Give them suggestions based on their purchasing or browsing history.

3.    Captive with Value Proposition

Take any brand, and you will see that there are at least a few customers that are loyal to it. These are the customers who love to talk about that brand. Many brands have not achieved a love mark for their brands from several customers worldwide. It means that customers are not only loyal to your brand but will continue using and promoting it for a lifetime. This strategy helps achieve a profitable customer lifetime value, but how to achieve it? The answer is quite simple; by offering unique value, the element of differentiation should be visible in your offerings. Make sure that you give them a platform to divulge their love for your brand.

4.    Influencer Marketing

In the previous era, all you needed was a sports star, a celebrity, or somebody famous, and you could market your brand to millions. However, the current era is the age of influencer marketing. Make sure that you collaborate with an influencer who holds sway over your target audience. The more people see influencers using your brand, the more they will return to your offerings.

5.    Customer Service

There is a lot that a business can do now for its customers. Gone are the days when customer service meant that they would have to come to your store to get it. You can now provide excellent customer service through your website, your social media channels, and more. In this regard, make sure that you utilize the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to up your game. How can you do that? Make sure that you use chatbots so that you can be there for your customer 24/7

6.    Elicit Feedback

One of the things that customers dislike is one-way communication. For any communication to be effective, it has to go both ways. You can implement this in your marketing strategies to ensure that your customers know that you listen to them. Conduct surveys, ask questions, elicit feedback, and reviews to understand their needs.


At the beginning of any brand, it might seem important to focus only on acquiring new customers. However, to achieve long-run success, it is imperative to focus on retaining your current customers. It is the existing customers who bring the most benefit and higher profitability. Ensure that you have strategies for customer retention, and you will not have to implement drastic measures. Keep the above six ways of retaining customers in your mind and ensure that you include them in your digital marketing strategy for long-term success and growth.

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