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Graphic Design Slave Labor

Posted: August 24th, 2020 | Author: | Filed under: Business, Quick Blurbs | No Comments »

My rant for the day….

Low class company (The Social Robin – Dallas, TX) offering slave labor wages for a graphic design position in Dallas, TX. They want to pay up to $10 per hour for 1-2 years of experience as a graphic designer. You have to travel some which will take up your entire $10 for one hour just to drive to Dallas. Plus, you have to bring your own equipment. What a bunch of cheap ass wipes!

These companies should be ashamed of themselves. I will shame every company I find online doing this to graphic designers.

View the job post below and pass along the shame!


Scrum Meetings are Stupid and a Complete Waste of Time!

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meeting notes scrum
Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

I’ve never benefited from it, it’s never short and it’s always too long. The information is useless and there’s always someone who says too much or not enough.

Sole proprietors don’t waste time like Corporate America managers. We get to work on what needs done without the corporate bullshit!

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online

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Art Space Design Launches New Website

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Need help with a website? How about WordPress Development? We can help:

The FCC wants to ruin your internet

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Join the movement to save Net Neutrality — and keep the internet a space for free expression.

Take a stance!

How to Protect Your Digital Goods From Piracy

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When you’re selling digital products, you benefit from the absence of inventory and shipping, but you get piracy as a constant threat instead. It is remarkably easy for someone to steal your intellectual property — music, designs, eBooks, software — and distribute it under their own name.

The numbers associated with piracy are staggering. Microsoft estimates that piracy costs the software industry $491B each year. Another estimate pegs the loss between $200 to $250B within the US alone.

Regardless of the numbers, one thing is clear: theft can be a serious problem when you’re selling digital products.

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CreativePublic’s YouTube Channel

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Hey Folks,

I wanted to send out an update about CreativePublic’s YouTube Channel. I am planning on adding new content over the next month with new videos. From this point forward, all video related content will be published on my YouTube channel. 

The purpose of reviving this channel is to help bring education on design business to a wider audience and being able to start a conversation with my site members. This will be a great platform for all of us to engage about design business, including how to price your projects to selling your design services and more.

Subscribe to the CreativePublic YouTube Channel:

Thanks for your support. I look forward to starting a conversation and providing great training content.

Jason Vaughn

4 great reasons to raise your freelancing rate today

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Find out why raising your freelancing rate could mean not just more money, but also, better clients.

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New MIT Code Makes Web Pages Load 34 Percent Faster in Any Browser

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Internet connections get faster but websites get more complex—and that means we often still have to wait an age for pages to load. Now, a new technique from MIT that helps browsers gather files more efficiently could change that.

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Help Nepal

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For those of you interested in helping the earthquake victims of Nepal, please use this link below. This is a friend of mine that is trustworthy and has worked for my business Art Space & CreativePublic before: