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Your Handy Interactive Color Wheel

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Whether you’re designing a logo or painting a house, choosing colors can be frustrating. Where do you start? Which colors work together, and why? How can you creatively explore different moods or directions?

Use the free Color Calculator to explore creative color options for your design project. Simply pick your base color(s), choose a color harmony, tweak/explore as needed, and see results.

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7 Days of Complimentary Downloads: 100,000 Video & Audio Clips

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To create awareness for, they are giving away 7 days ofcomplimentary access to download anything you want from over 100,000 clips of video, motion backgrounds, production music, AE templates and more!

Get Your 7 Days of Complimentary Downloads!

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Get 20% Off!

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Get 20% Off Shutterstock! Use promo code: RUN20 at checkout!

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Top 100 Design Blogs to Follow

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Top 100 design blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


Business Credit Card Resources

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Here is an interesting list of business credit card resources. I have found that some business credit cards give a decent amount of discounts on items from ink for my printer to hotel and car rental. I use American Express for my business credit card, but I tend to find out that not all places take this card, especially small shops and restaurants. I would also look at rewards these cards offer, some will offer mileage rewards for flights and some will offer cash back.

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Amazing Deal for Designers!

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Amazing Deal for Designers!

As they have already accustomed us, the guys at have launched a new great deal for designers all over the world! Their new Mega Design Bundle which is available for only 15 days with the incredible price of only $37 instead of $550 contains over 900 design elements needed by every designer in the world!

In this great Mega Design Bundle you are to find the following elements:

– 396 vector elements
– 210 PS brushes
– 162 web elements
– 66 abstract backgrounds
– 70 seamless patterns
– 30 textures
– 1 wordpress theme

As you can see, you can get everything you need for your everyday work in here and, as all these elements come from, you can make sure that they will be of the highest quality!

Don’t forget, this amazing deal is available at the bargain price of only $37 for 15 days only, so make sure not to miss it!

Moreover, as the guys from are organizing this type of promotional sales every once in a while, make sure not to miss their future offers by subscribing to their newsletter!


The CSS Video Crash Course

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Want to learn CSS but don’t have time to read a book? In this 8-part video series, you’ll learn CSS from scratch by following along with SitePoint author and web technology guru Kevin Yank.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics — Graphic Designers

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I was surfing the Internet and ran across this link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics about graphic designers. Interesting read, but I was mostly looking at how low the average designer really gets paid as well as the growth of our industry, not much has changed over the years. The graphic design industry is growing, but salary always seems to stay about the same year after year while everything else around us tends to get more expensive. I sometimes feel we are part of a slave labor force, always on, always providing and always expected of immediate delivery and immediate client satisfaction (you should all know this, every client seems to think we have an easy button on our keyboard). I have been a graphic designer for over 22 years and the pay pretty much has stayed the same all these years with some growth in salary, but not by much.

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Learn from Books and Videos Online!

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Are you interested in learning more about graphic design, web design, photography, and other creative topics? The opportunity is now. Designers, photographers and other creative professionals and hobbyists use Creative Edge as their primary resource for research, problem solving, learning and certification training—so why aren’t you?!

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Stock Photo Sites

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This is a great article showing some solid resources for stock photography and what to expect on price and image sizes:

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