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5 Ways to Find Insurance for Your Employees

Posted: November 4th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Business, Health and Fitness | No Comments »

You may be obligated to find insurance for your employees under federal and state laws. Good job candidates also factor in employee benefits when deciding which job to accept, and you may need to find insurance to hire and retain them. It’s important to compare plans so that you can meet your legal requirements at the lowest price possible. Here are 5 ways to find insurance plans online and offline:

1 – Your Insurance Agent

You should begin your search with a call to your insurance agent, and for good reason. Insurance companies reward customers with multiple policies by awarding them with discounts. If you have business insurance with your insurance company, that’s even better. You should still call your agent if you only have personal insurance products, such as homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

2 – Local Insurance Agents

If you don’t have an insurance agent that you’ve worked with in the past or are not happy with the discount offered, try other local insurance agents. Give them a call to discuss your need to find insurance for your employees. Those agents often have a network of agents who they work with in case they are unable to provide a specific product. You also may feel more comfortable meeting in person with an agent to discuss your needs in more detail, rather than with an online insurance broker.

3 – Online Insurance Brokers

One of the quickest ways to find insurance for your employees is to submit a request for a quote with an online insurance broker. You can get quotes for group and individual rates and easily compare benefits. The problem is that some online insurance brokers are not trustworthy and it can be difficult to determine who to submit your information to. You should always check the Better Business Bureau’s website at before sharing personal information. It’s also important to use your discretion when it comes to the type of information you’ll submit to get a quote.  For example, you may want to withhold your social security number, and submit your employer identification number instead.

4 – Chamber of Commerce

You should check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see what options are available to your for small business group health insurance. The Chamber may offer excellent group rates for employers who want to provide health, disability or life insurance to employees. You have to be a member to access those benefits, but the cheaper insurance rates may be worth it.

5 – National Association of Health Underwriters

You can find health insurance agents that are reputable and held accountable through the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). You can also get help from NAHU with the enrollment process as well, with purchasing decisions. You can learn more at

It’s important to do your homework when you want to find insurance for your employees. Don’t just compare the premium price, but also the policy terms. Not all policies are made equal, and you don’t want to end up paying the same price for fewer benefits.

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