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Finding the best keywords for your web site or product – in ten minutes or less

Posted: March 24th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Articles, SEO Marketing | No Comments »

Using the right keywords and phrases in your articles, product descriptions, and sales pages can boost your search engine rankings and traffic to your site. Here’s the quick and easy way to find the best keywords and phrases for your design products and services.

Quick question: What are the ten most searched keywords or phrases related to what you sell?

Don’t know? It could be costing you many lost sales (and potential clients).

Not including the ten most searched keywords related to your design service or product can mean web surfers will never know you exist. And that means no sale.

By including these keywords in your product description, page headlines, articles, and in your google adword campaign, you give the search engines a reason to display your pages when potential customers search.

So, how do you find these all important keywords – especially the ones that web surfers actually search for relating to your service/product?

The answer is easy – if you use Google Suggest.

Google Suggest is a tool developed by Google Labs that makes it easy for you to quickly see what keywords and phrases are being searched for in relation to any other word or phrase.

For example, if you visit google suggest and search for ‘real estate’, you’d see a drop down list of words that people search for when they search for real estate.

Beside each word or phrase in the list, a number shows how often that search word or phrase was used in conjunction with the term you entered. This quickly tells you what word combinations people are searching for related to your search time.

Finding even more

To find even more suggested words, enter your keyword, follow it with a space, then the letter ‘a’. This will show words that start with an ‘a’ that have been used with your search term.

Do this again with your search term followed by a space then ‘b’ – you’ll see search suggestions starting with a b.

Do the same throughout the alphabet, and you’ll find many important keywords you may have missed.

As you do the above, be sure to write down the keywords that have the highest search numbers so you can use them later.

Using the found keywords

To use the keywords found with the google suggest tool, include the words in your sales pages, your articles and site headlines, your teaser copy, and in your google adwords campaigns.

Doing this can help you get much higher page ranking for those keywords, and bring many more visitors to your site.

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