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Free Marketing Tactics – Web Design Business

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You’ll have to invest money in promoting your business, but there are free marketing tactics for a web design business that are effective and can get you started. One of the benefits of doing a lot of your work online is that you can reach your target market using little money or nothing at all. Even a long term marketing strategy can include free marketing tactics. You’ll have to do more work to see results, but it often leads to a more profitable business in the end.

Social Media Marketing

Larger companies pay people, buy tools and sponsor advertisements in relation to their social media marketing strategies. You don’t have to do that as a small web design business, at least not until your business is established. You can leverage social media to promote yourself as a web designer, for free. If you don’t already have business accounts for the main social media websites and utilize them to build fans, members and followers, then take the time to do that this weekend. Here are some of the “biggies” that you should be active on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

You can post videos, link to articles you’ve written or ones that are written by others, share videos you’ve created, and generate discussions. For more ideas on how to be effective in social media marketing, read


Some of your prospective clients will not pay attention to the articles you write, but they would love to view your tutorial videos. Webinars are an effective way to showcase your skills and expertise. Webinar attendees benefit because they get to learn how to use a software application or some other technology that is difficult for them to understand. Don’t worry about them never coming back because you’re shared how-to information with them. The opposite is often true. They will have confidence in your skills and abilities, and pay you back by hiring you to do work for them.

These free marketing tactics for a web design business do require you to put in much of your time. However, if you approach it in spurts and with little effort, then you can expect very little in terms of results.


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