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How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Company

Posted: October 19th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Articles | No Comments »

Your clients will look to you for guidance, and that includes how to choose a good web hosting company. There are many companies to choose from, and some even offer free hosting services. The problem is that some companies provide poor services. If you end up recommending the wrong ones to your clients, they will blame you for it.  Some clients will never use your web design business again or write a bad review, and a few may even retaliate and sue you for the negative impact on their business because of a bad web hosting company. You can avoid trouble by looking for these characteristics in any web hosting company that you consider:

Excellent Hosting Support

You don’t want to send your clients to a company that does not provide support. Many clients came to you because they’re not tech savvy and the idea of dealing with hosting challenges overwhelms them. A good web hosting company will offer email and phone or chat support to its customers. You’ll appreciate that as well, as you work to make your clients’ web pages “go live” on the Internet. The chat or phone support is key because clients may have emergencies to deal with. For example, a business owner whose website crashes in the middle of a live webinar needs immediate help and cannot wait 24 or 48 hours for an email response. Read reviews of web hosting companies and stay clear of those that are not responsive to customers when they need help.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Some businesses need multiple websites in order to launch an effective online marketing campaign. Paying to host each website can be cost prohibitive for many startups. A good web hosting company eases the burden by allowing business owners to host unlimited websites for one low monthly price. Some companies may not allow an unlimited amount, but will still provide a high enough number that most of your clients will be able to work with. For example, a popular option is to allow up to 50 websites on one plan. You can take advantage of these plans if you offer to host the websites that you create. You stand to make more of a profit if you can fit many of your clients on one plan.

Sufficient Email Accounts

The ability to create as many email accounts as you need is an important feature of a good web hosting company. Whether you need accounts for each section or department of your business, or for employers and independent contractors, the last thing you want is for your hosting company to limit the accounts you can create. Each hosting plan lists the amount of emails you can have with it. You should factor that in as you choose plans for your business and as you make recommendations for clients.

Do your homework before you choose a web hosting service. You can find out which service is a good web hosting company by reading the reviews posted by current and past customers. You should also compare unlimited domain hosting, the number of email accounts and the technical support they offer.

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