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How to create your own “Super Bowl-like” event for your graphic design business

Posted: August 21st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Business, Quick Blurbs | No Comments »

So why not create a “Super Bowl-like” event for yourself or your firm?

Now an event can mean many things, like: a gathering, a parade, a book signing, a contest, a conference, a seminar, an awards presentation, or an online event among others.

For example, not long ago I held an Arbor Day event. I ordered a few hundred “trees in a tube” and gave them out on Arbor Day. it was a smashing success with nice publicity to boot.

There are a number of odd and unique holiday calendars

on that you can revolve an event around.

What about an event for “Thomas Crapper Day” or “Squirrel Awareness Month” or “Elvis Week” – the possibilities are endless.

Get more ideas at this (rather hokey) site below:

Most importantly, these “events” do not just happen but take a good deal of planning so take the time to plan them correctly and put them on the calendar.

Plan to do a number of these for your design firm. Perhaps try to do 1 per quarter.

These “events” can pack an amazing punch. Not only do you get new customers, new friends, publicity, good-will in your community, camaraderie with your design team, you will also have a boatload of fun.

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