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How to Manage Your Business during Tough Economic Times

Posted: October 7th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Business | No Comments »

You can’t control the external factors that threaten your business, but you can survive and thrive during tough economic times when you learn how to manage your business well. It may mean that you can no longer do business as usual, or you may need to improve on your current management style and processes. You’ll probably have to make some sort of change to meet the challenges of an economic recession or depression. The good news is that business owners have been through it before, and some of their best days came about because they employed great business management strategies in the face of a harsh economy.

Master Your Cash Flow

One of the main reasons for business failure is the inability of entrepreneurs to manage cash flow. In its most basic terms, cash flow is how money enters and exits your business. Your job is to get as much cash as possible, as quickly as possible and to have as little of it leave your hands as possible. The procedures you put in place to accomplish these goals determine whether your business survives or thrives. If you don’t know what it takes to master cash flow in your business, then stop most of what you’re doing and take the time to learn. There’s no use investing time and money in marketing if you can’t manage the cash that you’ll get as a result of your efforts.

Improve Leadership Skills

Your employees can help you overcome the economic crisis you face in your business or in the general marketplace. The same employees can hurt your business if you fail to lead them properly. One way to hold onto good employees is to improve your own leadership skills. Become a better listener and make sure you’re give them the resources and tools that they need to succeed at their jobs. Communicate openly and often when times are hard. You don’t want them to guess your motives or remain in fear that they won’t have a job the next day. Some employees may even make sacrifices for you and your company if they trust you and believe that you’re a solid leader.

Become More Efficient

It’s crucial to tighten your budget during tough economic times, but you also have to tighten how you deliver goods and services to manage your business well. You can lose money, time and people by not being efficient. The best way to test your efficiency is to have someone do one of the tasks you often do. If that’s not possible, then conduct an honest assessment of the way you accomplish your business goals. Time yourself and write down the steps you take on a routine basis to manage your business. You may discover better ways to do what you’ve become accustomed to, and that could lead to saving more cash.

Learning how to manage your business well should be a priority no matter what the circumstances. Schedule time to gain the skills you need, or to work on improving the ones you already have.

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