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IG Intro – Second Screen

Posted: July 21st, 2015 | Author: | Filed under: Really Cool Stuff | No Comments »

Are you one of the 40 percent of American adults who turn to a second screen while watching TV? It makes sense if you are, as getting creative on your smartphone or tablet is much more stimulating than staring passively at your favorite show. Consider these imaginative ways to utilize your second screen.

While you’re watching TV, the world is changing around you. Perhaps your pets or children are playing, or the sky’s alight as the sun sets. Mobile devices make it easy to capture and share these moments with your friends. Some old phones are sluggish working with large files, but you can share photos faster with a new Samsung smartphone¬†on a fast and reliable network such as T-Mobile.

Your creativity doesn’t have to stop when you snap a photo. Photo editing apps like Handy Photo and FxCamera allow you to alter the colors, saturation, and contrast, and add artistic effects. If you’re working on some sketches, try snapping them with your device. You can play around with the image before deciding which direction your work should take.

There are some great apps on the market that encourage artists to make digital creations.

ArtFlow’s capabilities, which include more than 70 brushes and tools and up to 16 layers, allow you to create complex artworks, especially if you have a stylus. For inspiration check out the ArtFlow Studio Facebook page, which regularly features artworks created using ArtFlow.

For a more creative spin on doodling, try Magic Paint Kaleidoscope, which allows you to easily create kaleidoscope images. This free app has eight kaleidoscope modes, various brushes, and a gallery to store your creations. It’s so satisfying to play them as animations when you’re done.

While many second-screeners are playing Candy Crush or cruising IMDB, you could be getting creative. Check out this infographic to take a closer look at the second screen phenomenon.


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