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Quick – Name the Last Seminar You Attended

Posted: December 14th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Business | No Comments »

You’ll probably leaving a ton of money on the table by not getting out and attending seminars and conferences. We all know the expenses involved but the payoff can be huge and often in ways that we cannot predict. Read on.

I decided to attended a subscription site seminar in Boston, hosted by Tim Kerber and MemberGate. I really was not sure if I was going to attend as I have my hands full of “way too many” projects now but I am making it a priority to actually go to events to learn and network (in that order). Now that it’s over I am super glad I attended. It would take another 50 emails to share what I learned and further got to meet some “super successful” entrepreneurs who were more than happy to share some of their “secrets.”

We both know these things are not cheap. You have to pay for room, meals, flights etc. etc so it adds up. However, you have to look at the long term payback. From the what I learned and the contacts I made I would say the conference will easily pay for itself in just a month or two.

Of course, all that knowledge has to be implemented not just shoved in binder to “reference” someday. I heard this time and again at the seminar – “just get it done and out the door” I mean (me included) how many times do you labor over something and it grows into this 3 armed and 4 legged monster.

Funny, was just speaking to a coaching client and we talked about this very issue and how I recommended he go down a path of much less resistance on this particular project. I insisted he just “get it done” and not be distracted with “frosting”.

So, 2 things:

1. Save, scrimp, beg, borrow (within reason) but get yourself out and about and attend some of these conferences. I guarantee you’ll thank yourself many times over.

2: Get in the mode of getting things done fast. You’ll increase your productivity 10x and the result will be many more dollars coming your way.

One speaker very succinctly summed this point up with this mantra, “Fail fast, fail often and success is assured”

– by Doug Farrick

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