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Social Media Marketing

Posted: October 21st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: SEO Marketing | No Comments »

It’s difficult to compete online without utilizing social media marketing for your web design business. Your potential customers are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube more than ever. If you don’t have a presence on these websites, then you’ll lose a competitive advantage. The good news is that you don’t have to spend all day trying to market on these websites, and you can do a lot with little or no monetary investment.


The leader in social media appears to be Facebook, and you can use it to your advantage. There are many ways that you can use it for marketing your web design business, such as:

  • Create a Facebook group based on your target market
  • Launch your own fan page
  • Promote blog posts
  • Announce webinars, teleseminars and other online events
  • Organize contests that can go viral with the help of your Facebook friends
  • Leverage Facebook’s ranking to raise your ranking using search engine optimization techniques
  • Use email marketing techniques to market to friends and fans that you generate on Facebook

Utilizing Facebook to promote your business can be an effective way to generate more leads and gain more sales. You should not mix your personal Facebook pages with your business presence, and many business owners decide not to have a personal Facebook at all.


You may be among many business owners who dread posting tweets about everything you’re doing and when you’re doing it. There’s a misconception that the only way to use Twitter is to engage in meaningless conversation or to give a status report of your daily happenings. That’s not the case it all when it comes to social media marketing for your web design business. You can so much more using Twitter, including:

  • Finding prospects by following them on Twitter
  • Tweet blog posts and news that will position you as an expert
  • Expand your client base by other tweeters who re-tweet your posts
  • Build a community that will result in more clients
  • Deliver company news, announcements and other items fast
  • Drive more traffic to your website by linking to it from your Twitter profile
  • Research trends that affect your target market and capitalize on it for your business

It’s important to note that you don’t have to monitor Twitter all day long or be on standby to post your tweets. Software developers have created various applications and tools to help you manage your Twitter activities. For example, you can write and pre-schedule tweets for the week using


Video marketing resonates with many customers, more so than articles or other types of marketing. The use of video engages more senses and holds the interest of web visitors. YouTube makes it possible to take advantage of video marketing as a form of social media marketing with minimal investment. You can do a lot with a flip video camera. You can even create video using only static pictures and text, which customers may be willing to view instead of reading a lengthy manual or document. If you’re wondering how you can use YouTube effectively, consider these strategies:

  • Insert keywords in your video descriptions to appear higher in search results
  • Create quality videos that go viral on the web
  • Engage with YouTube viewers who leave comments or ask questions

Make sure that the video and audio quality is good, so that you don’t frustrate viewers.

There are many options for social media marketing for your web design business, but these are the big three that you should start with. Take the time to learn the strategies to be as effective as you can on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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