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Are there any valid points to discourage a potential client from wanting to use Web site templates?

Posted: May 24th, 2020 | Author: | Filed under: Design | Tags: , , | No Comments »
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Templates are a quick fix for a cheap client. However, in most cases, cheap clients are the most trouble and will cost you more time and money than you care to deal with. Many times the client will want you to customize the template more to fit their needs. I tell them that if they go the template route, that there might be additional design fees. I also explain that there is still HTML and back-end production and programming work that must take place, and depending on the template design, this could cause problems if the template was not designed properly to fit into HTML, thus costing them more money. Most important, I explain to the client that someone else, more than likely, has this same design for their site and that it would, in the long run, be better to make a custom designed site. I do think templates have their place in the design world, but I am a custom designer and my clients want custom art. Every client is different, but it all depends on money and ultimately what the client is wanting to achieve with their Web site.