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Teacher Fired Over Textbook Scandal!

Posted: November 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Quick Blurbs | No Comments »

As a former teacher of a local community college for graphic design and web design, I never had to deal with what happens in the video below. But I can tell you that most of the time I never had my students buy any books related to the classes I taught. I was never told I was required to use any books to teach my classes. I always taught classes based on my own experience and knowledge and you can never find that in a book entirely.

I really hate that most teachers teach directly from the books and to me that is not teaching. Heck, as long as I know how to read, why pay for a course to have an instructor read to me what is already in the book. If you as a teacher cannot teach from real world experiences, you have no place being a teacher. Now with that said, books are important and they are a tool for teaching, but that tool cannot be your primary way of teaching knowledge.

– Jason Vaughn

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