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Tips for Getting More Work from Repeat Customers in Your Web Design Business

Posted: January 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Articles, Business | No Comments »

You’ve probably realized how much harder is to land a new client for your web design business, than it is to have a previous one come back to you for more work. You can get so caught up in marketing methods that you forget a simple and effective truth: Repeat customers help to keep your business alive. If you’ve neglected your previous customers, it’s time to make a change. Here are tips for getting more work from repeat customers:

Tip #1 – Educate Clients on SEO

The major concern for your clients after you design their websites is getting web traffic. You may have helped them initially with some search engine optimization strategies, but they will need to know more. You will remain at the top of their minds for future work if you’re willing to provide them with some information that will educate them on their options, such as in a white paper, free report or newsletter. Seminars are also an effective educational tool that can lead to repeat business. You can conduct them in person, over the web or via the telephone.

Tip #2 – Follow Up

You should never complete a job and hope that your client is happy. Following up with your clients is an easy way to get more work. You should call them to make sure that they like what you have delivered and to make sure that there are no outstanding issues or questions. You can ask them for referrals as well as sell additional services to them. It’s much easier to get repeat business after a job well done than it is to market the same service s to a complete stranger.

Tip #3 – Ask for a Link

You may not get work directly from a customer, but their customers may ask you for work. People who like your design will want to find out which web design business was responsible for such great work. Ask that a link to your website be included at the bottom of pages, near the copyright information. If there is a list of resources and your business is a good fit for that page, ask whether yours can be included. You may need to offer an incentive in exchange for the link, such as a referral fee or a discount on your services for the link.  It may be worth it to you, because that’s less marketing that you have to do on your part. The inbound link to your website may also help you rank better in search engine results.

Tip #4 – Make Cold Calls

With everyone texting, tweeting and using email auto responders, you’re sure to stand out if you make cold calls to clients. You may have fears about doing that, such as a fear of rejection. Overcome those challenges and call the clients you have not spoken to in a while. Find out about how things are going for them and try to determine their needs. Pitch your services to them on a follow up call or email.

It still takes hard work to get repeat customers, but not as much as getting new customers through the “door.” Incorporate these tips in your marketing strategies to improve your financial bottom line.

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