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What Super Mario Taught Us About UX

Posted: June 1st, 2016 | Author: | Filed under: Design | Tags: | No Comments »

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By Ward Andrews

Super Mario Bros. was the game that changed everything. It was the first game I’d rather play at home than in the arcade. It was “long format”, meaning you could race through the game if you knew all the secrets or, if you wanted to show off, you could dig in and try to complete every level of every world, collect every coin, and even access hidden warp zones and negative worlds. Some die-hards have even figured out how to play the game in a way that re-writes the software itself.

I was so excited about Super Mario Bros. and the Nintendo Entertainment System, that I sold my entire Star Wars and G.I. Joe collection to scrape up enough money get it. Talk about commitment.

But what a payoff in terms of entertainment and, inadvertently, learning principles that are integral to modern UX planning, design and execution. Here’s what my 10,000 hours with Mario taught me about UX design.

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