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Accounting, Time Tracking, Estimates, Invoicing and Reporting

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Travel & Expense Reports Budget Checkbook Detailed Estimate

Budget Checkbook
Use this dynamic Excel file to keep track of internal department expenses ranging from rent to employee pay.

Check Register Sheet
This is a basic form for keeping track of checks you write. This is the same thing the bank gives you with your checkbook, but it is bigger and you can print this out easier than going to the bank and ordering new ones.

Check Request
This Excel file check request is an internal department form that is used to process payments for anything from services to supplies. Once this form has been filled out, it should go to your accounting department for check processing and payment to your vendor or supplier.

Collections Letter
Many clients do not pay or pay late. Make sure and send them a non-threatening letter to request payment. Send this letter certified mail with return receipt for proof of mailing. Remember, it is always best to collect 50% up front and 50% upon delivery of the product. Giving credit can put a company in financial trouble very quickly.

Estimate (dynamic - may not work with all versions of Excel)
An estimate is an important part of your daily business. A good estimate will help you sell the prospective client, provide a solid record of costs and list what work is to be done. Use this form in conjunction with the Invoice from.

Estimate Budget Work Sheet
Use this guide to break down costs for the client or internally for preliminary budget, scheduling and review. There is a scope of work list that will help you estimate costs through design and mechanical production including time and budget for each area.

Estimate Examples (for multiple items, logos, Web design and more!)
Use these estimate example as a guide for sending estimates by email. Each one outlines pricing for multiple items with cost and time restrictions as well as deposit requirements. Estimates include samples for: Web design, print design, logo design, SEO, and more! NOTE: Estimates may vary depending on project requirements upon submission of the estimates.

Estimate Example Detailed (4 pages)
Use this estimate example to provide more details about your estimated costs to your client, such as providing technical specifications, job process information, client requirements, and more.

Estimate Request
Use this form to obtain an estimate from a vendor. This is not a purchase order, but a request for pricing for the services you are requesting.

Expense Reports
These are dynamic Excel files that display a very detailed expense report that fully calculates personal expenses such as travel, entertainment, meals and other expenses.

Income and Expense Tracking Tool
Use this Dynamic Excel file to track your company's income and expenses. This form will automatically figure your totals for you.

Invoice (dynamic - may not work with all versions of Excel)
Without proper accounting records and information about jobs and taxes, a company can get into real trouble. Always keep strong records and keep up with your daily income. Use this invoice to calculate your customers expenses / purchases and provide payment terms for your client.

Invoice (simple)
This invoice is no different from the dynamic invoice above, however it is static and shows a basic layout that you can fill in with your information.

Invoice Detailed (not dynamic)
This detailed invoice has a break down per item and includes an area for rates and totals. Use this invoice if you require more details about what you are invoicing for.

Magazine Time Report Sheet
When keeping track of your time, it is a good idea to keep a summary list of time for each magazine issue you are working on. This report includes page count, actual time, estimated time and overtime reports. This will help you keep track of extra time so you can bill for it.

Purchase Order
Use a purchase to request products or services from a vendor. You should include items to be purchased, quantity, price, discounts, vendor information, and ship-to information.

This form is a written record of an account such as a summary of outstanding (unpaid) invoices. Unlike an invoice, a statement is not used as a formal request for payment but rather as a reminder of amounts owed by your customer.

Time Sheet
Always keep track of your time. When you are not able to log-on and keep a digital track of your time, you should always keep a manual time sheet with every job so you can keep track of where your time was spent on a project. Keeping track of your time is a great way to see how much you should be charging and if a job takes longer than expected, then it may be possible to bill the client for extended hours.