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Design Firm Case Studies

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Identity Design Office Ergonomics Rebranding project

Case Study: Angry Porcupine's Identity Design for Cheryl Dailey
The client requested a classic, yet hip logo... professional, speak to the target audience (everyone from fashion photographers to brides-to-be, art directors and other agency creatives to everyday women), be unique, memorable and help set her apart.

Case Study: Angry Porcupine Identity Design for Wurx Consulting, inc.
The client requested an identity that would grow with the company and present Wurx Consulting as the premiere firm that delivers a service that can't be matched.

Case Study: Team One Advertising's Office Ergonomics Initiative
Check out this case study of Team One Advertising, in El Segundo, CA and how they implemented a strategic ergonomic program to improve the creative working environment, increase productivity and minimize the probability of repetitive stress injuries.

Case Study: Rebranding project for Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer's Clinic
Jeff Fisher, principle of LogoMotives, recently completed a major rebranding project for Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer's Clinic.

Case Study: Freshdesign's project highlighting Traditional Tibetan Healing Products
This case study features an overview of how multiple projects (website, packaging and identity) were related to the overall Traditional Tibetan Healing product line.

Case Study: Sell your site with a “webcard”
Chuck Green discusses creating webcards for your business.