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Website Terms SEO Profile Worksheet Website Questionnaire

Advertising Insertion Order
Great form to use when you are selling advertising on your Web site. Use this form as a contract between your company and the advertiser wishing to advertise on your site.

Country Codes for Shopping Cart Sites
This is a list of all the country codes including Canada. These codes are used for shopping cart sites that wish to use abbreviations instead of the entire country name for country selection.

Hosting Contract
Use this form to document what type of hosting information is required for the Internet project you're working on.

Privacy Policy for Web Sites
This content should be added to your Web site to show your customers how you safeguarding subscribers' privacy and how your business operates under the privacy policy terms.

Robots.txt Sample File
A Robts.txt files is a text file stored in the top level directory of a web site to deny access by robots to certain pages or sub-directories of a Web site. Use this file to make certain areas from being listed in the search engines or to make areas private or for public viewing. This should be included in all Web sites you develop. You will need to customize this file to fit your site. For more information on Robots.txt files, just do a search in

SEO Checklist
Is a quick list to go over all major parts of optimizing your pages for search engines. It's a quick reminder just to make sure you included everything.

SEO Promotion Worksheets
This worksheet guide helps you define your site's promotional goals and find your target market.

SEO Strategy Guide
This 17 page guide is gold! Use this guide to help optimize your site for top placement in the major search engines. This guide will show you tips on setting up and determining proper use of meta tags and other useful strategies for creating top-ranking pages.

SEO Submission Form
Use this form to give to your customers to fill out. This form is a useful guide for getting important submission information about your customer's Web site and what is important to them to say, such as keywords and content descriptions. Once you collect this information, you can better optimize their site for top SEO placement based on the information they provided.

SEO Tips
These are basic tips to help optimize your site as well as tips on design and what your customers are wanting to see when they first visit your site.

Web Banner Sizes
Use this chart to determine sizes for your Web site banner campaign. Many Web sites vary on what banner sizes they offer, but this chart will show you what is most commonly used.

Web Design Agreement (4-pages)
This is a four page agreement between the designer and client. Use this agreement as a formal contact between the designer and client. A more simple form is available called "Web Site Questionnaire" - see below.

Web Site Maintenance Contract
This contract is similar to the other contracts on CreativePublic. This contract will serve as a binding agreement between you and the client, outlining when and how much of the Web site(s) will be updated.

Web Site Questionnaire
For every Web site project you receive from a client, you will need to use this form to ask them questions about their job. This is part one of a two part contract agreement between you and the client. This sheet will represent your company and what you'll be doing for the client.

NOTE: For part 2 of the contract, download the TERMS & CONDITIONS

Web Site Development Project Steps - Internal Process
This is an outline of the process of working with an internal creative services and IT department. The process outlines the steps of how a Web site project should flow from the designer to production and then to the IT department.

Web Site Terms and Conditions
It is recommended that a Web site should have terms and conditions that visitors must agree to while visiting or using your site's services or content. It may help protect you and limit your liability. We recommend that you consult with an attorney for legal advice when using these terms and conditions.

Web Site Terms of Use
This content is used as a condition for use of your Web site by a visitor. It includes information about subscribers and what is expected of them and the use of your Web site. Plus there is a clause on copyright, trademark and limitation of liability.