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Graphic Design Business Training Videos

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Get access to hours worth of video training ranging from office setup to job processes and project pricing. Jason Vaughn, founder of speaks on all sorts of subject to help guide you through your day-to-day business operations.

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Video List:

Introduction Video
This is a quick video telling you about CreativePublic products and experience
of Jason Vaughn.

My Story (About Jason Vaughn's Career)
In this video I disucss my history as a designer and my pitfalls and successes
through my career.

Accounting and Software
Learn about what accounting programs are available and why it is important to
use an accounting program to manage your bookkeeping.

Billing and Collecting
This video discusses getting deposits from your client and how to collect on
unpaid invoices.

IRS Business Deductions and Sales Tax
Learn the basics of tax deductions for your business.

Pricing Guide Introduction
Learn how to setup and use our pricing guides.

Tips and suggestions for purchasing home or business insurance and what to
look for.

Job Tracking and Archiving Process
You will learn to get organized with this proven job process and archiving tips.

Office Set-up and Equipment
Jason Vaughn discusses the equipment he uses in his day-to-day graphic
design business.

Portfolio Tips
This video discusses the basic requirements of getting your portfolio put together.

Request For Proposal (RFP)
Jason Vaughn discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of RFP's.

Learning about Trademarks and Copyrights
This is a brief discussion on the different types of trademarks and how to register a trademark and a copyright with the United States government.

Jason Vaughn discusses marking up vendor prices such as printing, hosting
and stock photos.