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Graphic Design Marketing and Business

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Introduction Letter Graphic Design Business Plan

Business Plan Guide
This is a great guide to help get you started on your business plan.

Graphic Design Business Plan
Use this Business Plan guide if you are thinking of, or are in the process of, planning a design business. It is beneficial to occasionally review your business plan after a period of time. This gives you an intersting perspective on where you are and where you are going based on your original projections.

Introduction Letter
Use this letter to introduce your company to new prosepective clients.

Letter to Referrers to Get More Clients
Use this letter to get more business by asking select companies to refer your company for new business. You will vastly increase the potential for new clients.

Marketing Plan Guide
Use this guide by MasterCard to help you with planning your marketing plan for your business. It will give you tips on promotions, budget and more!