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How to boost your online store to the top: 5 methods

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Venturing into the world of e-commerce? If you’re looking to become a driving force within your chosen market, it’s important you know how to do it. With so many people fighting to claim the top spot, these five tried and tested tips will ensure you’re ahead of the pack and growing exponentially and continuously, ensuring success for the future.

Have a good level of customer service

One of the best ways to attract new customers whilst keeping existing ones around is by ensuring you upkeep a great level of customer service. It’s the most important part of any business – if you’re offering constant communication and customer service, you’ll be ensuring you build those valuable consumer relationships which will keep your business thriving.

Ensure you have an easy, straightforward way for customers to get in touch in regard to products and services they may have queries about. A phone call is regularly said to be the most effective form of communication, building trust and relationships between businesses and customers – but an email is a good choice if a phone line isn’t feasible. So long as you’re able to communicate clearly with customers and establish yourselves as a reliable company, you’ll keep people coming back.

Ensure you’ve got the right hosting

First things first – you need to make sure you’re choosing the right level of hosting to suit your future goals. Are you looking to remain relatively niche, with a limited outreach that remains consistent? Or, do you want to keep getting bigger and bigger, with no limit in sight? If you’re reading this post, it’s likely the latter.

And so, with that being said, you need to consider which hosting provider to opt for. There are plenty out there to choose from, and it all comes down to your personal desires – should you want to grow exponentially, a dedicated server may be your best bet. Although it’s more expensive than a shared server, having your very own dedicated platform reduces the risk of overloading due to increased traffic, which could end up with significant downtime upon your site and effectively making customers look elsewhere.

Design your site to look appealing

Another way to grow your site and establish yourself as a worthwhile company is by ensuring your design is forward-thinking and easy to navigate, whilst also being visually appealing. Consider the appearance of your competitors and the frontrunners in your market – although it’s good to stand alone and excel from the crowd, you need to understand just what makes your neighbours so successful.

Flat, clean designs are all the rage on the internet currently, so consider stripping it back and letting your products do the talking – you’ll be sure to reap the benefits. Minimalism is in, and combined with responsive design you’ll undoubtedly get the best results.

Also be sure to remove any elements of your design that could harm your ranking—everything from the wrong header tags to intrusive pop-ups could lead to penalisation.

Employ “niche marketing”

There’s a difference between a niche market and niche marketing, and you need to be aiming for the latter. Where a niche market will limit you in terms of potential customers, as there’s less of a demand for the products you’ll be selling, niche marketing will have a completely opposite effect.

Niche marketing basically means you’ll be finding your own space in a market that is perhaps oversaturated with the same own. Stand out from the crowd and offer something new, and you’ll attract customers who are looking for the next big thing.

Make sure your site is secure

Another way to ensure your store doesn’t suffer any setbacks is by having a sufficient level of security to protect it. Attacks such as SQL injections are common upon online stores, and with the risk of things such as sensitive information being leaked, it’s important you’re doing all you can to prevent it.

If you do suffer any security breaches or attacks, it’s likely your customers will begin to look elsewhere as a result. Be sure to prevent anything that could prove to be detrimental to your success.

Top Web Hosting Tips

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Planning to build a website? Get a web host, too.

How is web hosting defined? Well, very simply, it is a kind of service which is meant to provide space for customers on computer servers which are connected to the Internet 24/7. So what do web-hosting companies do? Basically, these web-hosting companies are the ones who provide web-hosting services, and they usually do this for a fee. (So now you have an explanation for why is always up and awake online, right?) Moreover, most web-hosts are keen to provide email address, scripts and one click install to useful software.

If you are planning to build a website, you have to know that every website needs to be on the internet 24/7. Why? This is important because if indeed you want to be seen by anyone across the globe and in a totally different time zone, then you do need to be online. However, truth be told, you really can’t do this if your website is just limited to your personal computer. Here is where your need for a web-host comes in. You will need to rent a space with a web-host, and in that space, store all of the files associated to your website. In that way, your website will be available to the world.

So what exactly are you supposed to look for from web hosts? You really need to watch out, because some are just on the prowl for the sake of profit. Here are some qualities to look out for, in terms of web hosts.

Qualities to Look For In Web Hosts


Look for these qualities in web hosts.

First, you have to look for uptime guarantee. Uptime guarantee is simply the time that your website is up and running on the Internet. In more layman’s terms, this basically means that with uptime guarantee, anyone can access your website anytime, without any network problems. (Yes, uptime guarantee is what allows godaddy to always be available in the Internet.) Ideally, when web hosting, the guarantee should be 100%. Of course, this is quite impossible. However, don’t settle for an uptime guarantee that’s 50%.

Second, look out for good customer support. Good customer support means the ideal setup of live chats, emails, and phone support. Again, that’s the ideal setup, and if you’re looking for a really good deal that won’t be too expensive, you should make sure that you get at least two of those forms of support. If you do, then you’re off to a good start for your website.

Third, you have to make sure that you get a good control panel. A control panel is simply a panel where you get to manage and control your own website. Here is where you can customize your website, configure your hosting account, and manage your files. You might think this is a little too burdensome on your part, but as website owner, you really are going to have to spend a lot of time on your control panel. This means that you really do need a control panel that’s user-friendly. Here’s a tip: look for web hosting that uses c-panel for its control panel. It’s one of the best control panels out there, and for you as a beginner, you’ll really find it easy to use.

So, if you want to write about, say, and build a website about how great those deals are, then of course you might want to consider everything that has been said here about getting a web host. Best of luck.